Servus Princeps, Dictator Papyrus

We are but Princes, Bureaucracy is King

What Am I Doing Here?

Tucked away in a forgotten backwater of eastern Europe, is a tiny independent constitutional monarchy called The Principality. It was gifted to soldier of fortune Denzil Green (aka Denzil I, or Denzil the Great) by Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I, for services rendered to the Empire in the aftermath of the battle of Prešov in the August of Sixteen Eighty-five. It has been ruled by his descendants from their eponymous castle, The Green Redoubt, ever since.

Here you’ll find fantastical stories of science fiction and the supernatural, set in the past, present and future of this place.

At the state’s foundation, you’ll hear of Scorch, The Principality’s iconic dragon, supposedly blown to bits when a huge Ottoman powder magazine detonated in the mines beneath the castle; you’ll encounter the sorceress Lady Fenella, who made the ultimate sacrifice to become the immortal Bride of the Goblin King and you’ll meet Neptune Penwithick; iron-hard mercenary turned brewer.

From the nineteenth century, you’ll learn of Denzil VI (1779 - 1868), invariably known as Denzil the Scientist on foot of his passion for natural philosophy. He ruled for forty-six years, during which time his unstinting support for the scientists, artists, inventors and entrepreneurs around him led to many great works, including the mechanisms of Henry Hollins; his mystical orrery, the notorious Clockwork Chair and his lethal arthropod automatons and the extraordinary sculptures of Kirill Glick.

And in the present and beyond you’ll follow the cases of the irascible Chief of the Redoubt’s Security Service, Horst Gruber and his crack team of agents, meet the maverick restaurateur Vincent Swart and cross paths with the enigmatic Angie; naval architect, cam-girl and bodyguard.

Nick Larter